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“Just wanted to say how brilliant you and the support staff at Budwood have been at communicating with me. It has made my job so much easier and meant I can focus on trying my best to support my young person. Thank you for continuing to offer him a safe, warm and welcoming place to live. I’ll catch up with you soon no doubt!”

MET (Missing, Exploited and Trafficked) Worker – Southampton City Council

“BudWood have been, and continue to be, amazing! My young person is lucky to be in such a therapeutic placement with staff that are continually supporting her, above and beyond…”

Social Worker – Southampton City Council

“Just a quick email to you all to thank you for all the work along side my young person when she was with you at MR. The communication was excellent throughout her time with you and I know you all tried really hard to engage with her. I look forward to working alongside you all in the future

Social Worker – BCP Council

“I just wanted to express my thanks for your patience and assistance in moving on my young person this week. I have never seen him so bouncy and relaxed and happy. It was very good of you to make him feel so special and loved while he was with you and for the gifts he received with which he was clearly thrilled!

It has always been a pleasure working with you as you are all so available, professional and understanding of the pressures in my role.”

Social Worker – BCP Council

“What a wonderful email! I keep harping onto my line manager how wonderful and supportive Budwood is but it’s because it’s so true!  I’ve been working in care over 20 years now and never received this level of support and inclusion, particularly as a bank worker.  The services, handover times and shift expectations and trainings so fantastic.  I have attended more training, supervisions and meetings as a bank worker with you guys that I have ever had in my main job. Thank you for the support”

Budwood Bank Staff Worker

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for everything you have done for my young person. You have gone above and beyond for her, done so much more than any other provider I have worked with. After a series of awful placements I had almost given up hope so it’s been so nice to see how settled she has been with you. I again started to worry as she got to 18 about future plans but yet again you delivered. I know she will be supported by you. You are in a league of your own, if all post 16’s worked the way you do we would have far less problems. I truly appreciate all that you have done and can only hope our paths cross again in the future.
Thanks again”

Social Work – Hampshire County Council

“Budwood are by far the best care provider I have come across. The staff are enthusiastic about their role and you get a sense that each of them strives to get to know the young person and give them the best possible support they can. Their communication with professionals is outstanding and this has enabled me to be able to do my job better too. I would recommend them in an instant.”

Social Worker

“Budwood was very good at keeping up communication, The Manager worked very well with my young person, and very hard to try everything we could to get her to engage. The Manager was highly client led, offering practical support for my young person.”

Social Worker

“Amazing service, really impressed with the way that Budwood has worked with my YP. very grateful thank you”

Social Worker

“Budwood have shown real care and commitment to this young person and kept persevering despite the difficulties which I believe has meant a lot to the young person.

The young person has had several recent placement moves, and the recent move has been a positive experience and allowed her to start to feel stable.”

Social Worker

“Very pleased with the communication from staff, all have been supportive.”

Social Worker